Feb 03, 2020

The Beauty of Ampersand

So, what's an Ampersand?

An ampersand is a universally known symbol to represent "and" in short. For example Galo Solutions & Design, the use of Ampersand is often used in titles and brands to shorten a sentence or combining multiple words.

The Ampersand first appeared in the first century CE on some Pompeian wall, of course it was not called an Ampersand back then, rather E and T or et, in Latin meaning "and" also used as &c or "etc", so the "&" is a graphic illustration of those components.

We also tend to forget, how beautiful the & sign is when displayed in different fonts. One of our favorite ampersand is from the Poppins font, not only that it has all the right curves on all the right places, but signifies boldness. The Poppins Ampersand is extremely solid and looks like a hook above a an O.

We might start using the ampersand more often on our designs and post this year, to give the spotlight on the ampersand as it deserves.

Thank you for reading!

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