Year 2018
Role Android and iOS

Video Dating Application

AYO makes meeting new people around your area a lot more transparent. Getting started with AYO is simple, Download the AYO app from Google Play Store and Sign in using your Facebook account. We will not post anything on your Facebook account. AYO will ask you to make an 8 second video using only the front camera of your smartphone. By recording your video it will give you the opportunity to show people what you love, your best characters, and what you are looking for from others around you. Once you upload your video write about yourself, and place your hashtags in your profile.

Hashtag Filtering

AYO uses hashtag filters to narrow your matches. Hashtags will allow you to connect with people based on the tags you place on your profile and search on the Discovery Page. There are no limits to the type of hashtags you use, you can place any interest, education, location or anything you find necessary to filter.